The 10 Best Rides at Magic Kingdom for 2021-2022 (Walt Disney World)

The Magic Kingdom is the world’s most visited theme park and is the crown jewel of The Walt Disney World Resort.  The park is host to more than 20-million visitors each year and features six individually themed lands.   

There are more than 50 rides and attractions in the Magic Kingdom ranging from kids rides to thrill rides, character meet and greets, shows and experiences.  There are rides suitable for every age group and pretty much all are themed around a Disney movie, show or character.

While every guest has different favorites but after dozens of visits to the Walt Disney World Resort, following is our “Top 10” list of favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom.

Top 10 Best Rides at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for 2021-2022

  1. Tomorrowland PeopleMover
  2. Jungle Cruise
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Peter Pan’s Flight
  5. Splash Mountain
  6. The Haunted Mansion
  7. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  8. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  9. Big Thunder Mountain
  10. Space Mountain

There are a number of rides that did not make the “Top 10” cut but we still enjoy and barring significantly long wait times, try to always hit when visiting the park.  These include “it’s a small world” and the Astro Orbiter.  However, part of the basis for our rankings was the individual rides average wait times as well as how difficult it is to get a Fast Pass+ reservation.

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10. Tomorrowland PeopleMover

There is not a single visit to the Magic Kingdom that goes by without a stop to ride The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.  Perfect to take a break from the crowds, the PeopleMover is a relaxing 10-minute ride in a four-person ride vehicle above the Tomorrowland section of the park where you will pass through Buzz Lightyear’s Space Range Spin ride, Space Mountain and Mickey’s Star Traders gift show.

Check out of on-ride point-of-view video of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover ride after it reopened for refurbishment earlier in 2021.

Ride wait times on the Tomorrowland PeopleMover are usually less than 20 minutes but you can get pretty much board right away on most days.

9. Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is a ride where the guests and their guide take a journey along the waters of the Amazon River, Nile River and Mekong River on a classic steam boat.  The entire trip last about 10-minutes and you will go about avoiding not only elephants, gorillas and other jungle animals but also headhunters.  What really makes the trip are the guides which are some of the funniest cast members across all of Walt Disney World.

Yes, a boat on the Jungle Cruise sank and made the news on a worldwide basis, but it does not change our opinion of this classic Disney ride.  There are a number of photos and videos all across the internet so just Google it to find out more.

And as you also may have heard, Disney Imagineers are making changes to the Jungle Cruise.  Certain elements have been changed and/or removed and we are going to reserve judgment until all the changes are make.

Wait times for the Jungle Cruise can get lengthy ranging up to 60 minutes on a typical summer day but Fast Pass+ is available if you wish to reserve a time.

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8. Pirates of the Caribbean

“Dead men tell not tales” on this amazing boat ride.  Themed after another classic Disney movie, this dark ride (completely indoors) will take you on a journey to through the Caribbean avoiding pirates as they seek out treasure and loot.  Keep you eyes open for Captain Jack Sparrow as he just might pop up a few times.

Wait times for Pirates of the Caribbean can also get very lengthy.  We have seen wait times around 60 minutes on a typical summer day so you may want to consider a Fast Pass+ for this ride or ride early in the morning.

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7. Peter Pan’s Flight

Another classic ride based on the 1953 story, Peter Pan’s Flight will take you on a journey from London to Never Land where you will fight Captain Hook (don’t forget to avoid the ticking crocodile). 

During your adventure you will meet Wendy, Michael and John as well as Peter Pan himself.  The ride takes about three-minutes and is suitable for all ages.

Wait times can get lengthy and exceed 45 minutes on a typical day.  If the wait time is less than 20 minutes, we recommended getting in line.  Otherwise, Fast Past+ is available.

6. Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is perfect for those hot Florida days as you will get definitely get wet on the five-story drop at the end of the ride.   You will ride in a “log flume” with Br’er Rabbit where you will visit with more than 100 Audio-Animatronics.

In addition the five-story drop there are three dips to Splash Mountain may not be for the faint of heart (and is limited to guests 40 inches and taller).

FastPass+ is available for and ride wait times range can easily exceed 60 minutes, especially on a hot summer day.  If a Fast Pass+ is not available for the day of your visit, try to get to Splash Mountain early.

5. The Haunted Mansion

Board your Doom Buggy for one of the most fun and “scary” times of your life.  The Haunted Mansion is a fully indoor “dark rid” that takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.  You will see Madame Leota’s seance room and a number of other ghosts and ghouls throughout this timeless Disney classic. 

The Haunted Mansion has one of the best queues of any attraction in the Magic Kingdom.  You will take a stroll through a graveyard and experience a leaky tomb, musical crypt as well as other amazing haunts.

Since this is a very popular ride, wait times range can easily exceed 60 minutes, especially during busy periods like summertime and holidays.  FastPass+ is available at the Haunted Mansion. 

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4. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Fight the evil Zurg and become a Junior Space Ranger on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Range Spin.  You board the two-person ride vehicle and file your laser cannon at Zurg’s robot army targets that are marked by a “Z”.

The Space Ranger spin is one of the most fun rides throughout the perfect and is considered to be perfect to all ages.  Wait times at this attraction can easily exceed 30 to 45 minutes on a typical day so a Fast Pass+ is highly recommended.

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the newest rides at the Magic Kingdom and based on wait times, one of the most popular (if not the most popular) attractions in the entire park.  In this family-friendly roller coaster you will board your mine train and go on a easy but thrilling rides into the mine itself.  Keep your eyes open for Snow White herself at the end of the ride.

Check out of on-ride point-of-view video of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from February 2020.

Wait times can get very lengthy and we have seen wait times as long as 180 minutes (three hours) so a FastPass+ is an absolute must if you want to ride this attraction.  As of the writing of this post on a Friday in early March at mid-morning, the wait time is 105 minutes. 

2. Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is our favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom and a “must do” when visiting the park.  After boarding an 1800’s era railroad car you will go for a three-minute wild ride through canyons, mountains and tunnels.

Check out of on-ride point-of-view video of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from February 2020.

Wait times for are always typically fairly high and can exceed 60 minutes on the average summer day.  A FastPass+ is highly recommended if you want to ride this attraction during your next visit or you should try to get to this ride first thing in the morning.

1. Space Mountain

Space Mountain is the original Disney thrill ride and our top ride at the Magic Kingdom and is limited to guests 44 inches and taller.  In this amazing indoor roller coaster ride you will blast off on a rocket ship to outer space flying past stars, planets and meteors.

Originally opened back in 1975, Space Mountain is still one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom to this day.  Although not as smooth as the latest modern day roller coasters, it was refurbished / updated in 2009 and still give quite an exhilarating ride.

Wait times for Space Mountain are always lengthy so if you can’t get a FassPass+ for the day of your visit, try to hit this ride first thing in the morning.

Coming Soon: TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Currently under construction at the Magic Kingdom is TRON Lightcycle Power Run.  This attraction will be a roller coaster that, of course, will be themed to the cyber-fi world from TRON.

Originally intended to open in 2021 for the 50th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney World, constriction on this attraction has been delayed.  As of early 2021 the building structure has been completed (no word on the interior) but the track canopy still appears to be in the early stages of construction. 

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