Jurassic Park Tribute Store – Universal Studios Florida (Photo Tour)

Over the years Universal has been know for it’s seasonal tribute stores which in the past have included stores for Halloween Horror Nights and Universal’s Mardi Gras extravaganza.

In May 2023 Universal opened the Jurassic Park Tribute Store along the streets of Hollywood at Universal Studios Florida to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the popular movie franchise.  The store gives guests a behind-the-scenes look about “The Making of Jurassic Park”, featuring a number of individual themed rooms that highlight the original 1993 movie.

In addition to props, sets and storyboards, guests will find a number of souvenirs, apparel, other merchandise and snacks that can be purchased.  There is event a replica of the sick Triceratops just outside the exit of the store.

Universal has not announced how long the Jurassic Park Tribute Store will remain open but based on the time in which the creative team needed to create this highly detailed venue, it’s anticipated that it will remain open for quite a while.

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Jerry Joyce

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