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Men In Black Alien Attack (MIB) at Universal Studios Florida is one of our the most fun attractions in either of the Universal Orlando theme parks.  This ride is a track based interactive shooting “dark ride” where guests blast aliens using laser guns to score points. 

MIB is located in the World Expo section of the park just past Springfield and the Simpsons Ride. It officially opened in April 2000 in the World Expo section of the park and replaced the Back to the Future Part III Locomotive Display.  

Pre-Show and Queue

The ride building is designed to give guests the sense of attending the 1964 New York World’s Fair.  Once inside the building, MIB agents escort the new “recruits” into the Men In Black headquarters.  There are a number of references to the movie franchise including the “worm guys” as well as the immigration and control room where guests get a chance to see MIB Director Zed on the large video monitor.

The Ride

Guests board a six-person ride vehicle which features two rows of three riders.  Riders begin in the MIB Training Range where they can get used to their weapons and start scoring points.  Training is halted by Zed who says that an alien ship of bad guys has crash landed in the City of New York and the recruits need to get out there and help by shooting the aliens.

Keep an eye out for a few Easter eggs including Frank the Pug as well as the head on a stick of Steven Spielberg.  Both on are the right hand side of the attraction and more difficult to see from the left lane (typically the one for Universal Express Pass riders).

There are two ride vehicles that start (and end) at the same time but near the middle of the ride, a bio-scan indicates aliens are on the opposite car so recruits are instructed to shoot the opposite vehicles “Fusion Exhaust Port”.  If you hit the opposite vehicle it will spin out of control (but so will yours if you get hit).

Near the end of the ride there is a massive “bug” where riders are told to “press the red button”.  Whichever rider presses the button at the correct time will be awarded 100,000 bonus points.

The objective is score as many points as possible to qualify as an MIB agent and get your own black suit to qualify as a Galaxy Defender.

Check out our full, on-ride POV video of the Men In Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida.

Wait times for this attraction are in the 30 to 45 minute range during the typical summer day.  Universal Express Pass is accepted on MIB and there also is a single-rider line for those looking for a shorter wait time.  One thing to note, the express and single-rider lines bypass the main queue which is one of the fun parts of the experience.  

Men In Black Alien Attack has a minimum height requirement of 42 inches and since it is a motion simulator, those that do not like a degree of motion (mostly quick spinning) should skip this ride.  A child swap area is also offered.

How to get a high score on Men In Black Alien Attack?

Getting a high score on Men In Black Alien Attack takes not only a lot of practice & training, but also some luck. Our Endless Summer family has been visiting the Universal Orlando Resort for many years and while we consistently get scores between 400,000 and 800,000, we achieved the magical 999,999 score (the maximum just once).

Here are the Endless Summer tips to help you get you a high score on Men In Black Alien Attack.

  • Always hold down the trigger (there is no need to keep firing, the gun will continue to shoot and you will accumulate points in the process).
  • Once you hit a particular target, keep shooting it and points will accumulate.
  • Shoot the aliens that are on the second level and in the upper windows
  • Smaller targets get more points, look for those throughout the ride.
  • Stay on the Fusion Exhaust Port as long as possible (the inside seat gives riders the best vantage point).
  • Push the red button at the end of the ride for an additional 100,000 bonus points.

So what do you think of the Men In Black Alien Attack?  Is it near the top of the list of your favorite rides in Universal Studios Florida?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments of our YouTube video shown above.  

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