iVue Denali – Video Camera Sunglasses

The iVue Denali model video camera glasses are the most recent version offered by the iVue which (released in late 2023). Since we are theme park and vacation enthusiasts, a large portion of our videos feature point-of-view (POV) perspectives so it make sense to purchase the Denali glasses during a Black Friday sale on Amazon for $179.00.

As we have stated in our review of the prior iVue model (iVue Vista), camera glasses are becoming more and more popular due to advances in technology and are not being offered by a number of different providers like the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Camera glasses allow the user to keep their hands completely free, capturing great footage POV without having to hold a phone or camera when taking videos of sports, driving and other activities.

In this review we are going to go over the Denali’s features and specifications as compared to the iVue Vista. We will also show you sample videos of the camera glasses in action along a summary of what we liked as well as what we didn’t like.

iVue Denali Specifications

Our initial experience with video camera glasses was the iVue Rincon which recorded video at 1080P at 30 frames per second and 720P at 60 frames per second using an 8MP Sony CMOS sensor. The Rincon also featured a vertically tiltable (12 degree upward to 10 degree downward) 110 degree wide angle lens which provide an ample width for close up POV viewing.

That was followed by a several year run with the iVue Vista which featured 4K HD video recording at 24 frames per second as well as 2K video at 30 frames per second. Other upgrades include advanced video stabilization and frames per second of up to 120 (in 720P).

While the iVue Denali does not offer 4K, it provides a very acceptable 2K resolution at 30 frames per second using a 135 degree wide angle lens. The glasses also integrate a mobile app which provides easy access to the camera’s current view as well as the ability to change video resolution and other settings.

The Denali also goes back to the use of a micro SD card which we find to be an improvement as it was sometime difficult to access the video / images on the prior model’s internal memory. A 64GB card holds 11 hours of video which a 128GB card holds 22 hours of video)

iVue Denali Camera Glasses – Specifications

  • HD 2K video at 30 frames per second
  • HD 1080P video at 60 frames per second
  • HD 720P video at 60 frames per second*
  • 8MP Sony CMOS
  • Advanced video stabilization
  • 135 degree width camera angle
  • Tilt-able lens (12 degrees up and 10 degrees down)
  • Dual AAC2 stereo microphones
  • 1.5 hour batter (3.7V Li-ion, 480mAH)
  • U400 polarized lenses with premium TR90 frames
  • Time / Date stamp capability
  • USB-C charging port

*Both the Amazon listing and the iVue web site clearly show that the camera records at up to 120 frames per second but we could not find that setting in the app. While it is anticipated that the 720P resolution would have a frame rate of 120 fps, the app only showed a setting for 720P@60fps.

We have an email into iVue support to clarify the 120fps setting and will update this post once a response is received.

What’s included with the iVue Denali

  • The iVue Denali camera glasses
  • Polarized sunglass lenses along with clear lenses
  • Hard and soft cases
  • Micro SD / USB data adapter and charging cable
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Product documentation
  • Stickers

iVue Denali Settings

iVue continues to simplify the recording process so users can literally these these glasses out of the box, hit a button and start recording.  There a control button which activates the recording (on and off) as well as the taking of an individual photograph.  There is also a button that turns WiFi on / off which allows the glasses to connect to the app.

Once the control button is pressed, the glasses will vibrate indicated recording is taking place.  Once recording is finished, the user will press and hold the control button to turn the power off.  The glasses will vibrate and the red indicator light will stop. 

Downloading photos is easy as the glasses have a removable micro SD car. The user will open the drive that is shown on their computer and navigate to the “DCIM” folder.  Within this folder with be a “Movie” folder (for video recordings) and a “Photo” folder (for still photos).  Files can then be transferred to the computer or other device that supports USB downloads.

Changing settings is also fairly easy on the Denali through the use of the app.  Individual settings include:

  • Video resolution
  • Recording file length
  • WDR
  • Audio Volume
  • Date Stamp
  • Video Lapse
  • Photo resolution
  • White balance
  • Photo burst number
  • Exposure
  • Light Frequency
  • Format SD card
  • Reset to defaults
  • Auto Power Off

What we liked about the iVue Denali

There is much to like about the iVue Vista camera glasses.  Here is a summary of what we liked best:

  • 2K video recording
  • 135 degree til-table lens
  • Video stabilization technology
  • Photos of 20 megapixels
  • Overall ease of use

What we did not like about the iVue Denali:

While there were a number of things we very much liked, there were a few things we found not to like.

  • The glasses are overly large size
  • Somewhat difficult to transfer files between the app and a mobile device

What we think the iVue Denali is perfect for

The iVue Denali perfect for any action sporting enthusiast or videographer that wants to have their hands free and not have to hold a camera while recording.  The glasses are easily wearable and can be useful in a variety of different situations.

Some of the activities we found the camera glasses useful include:

  • Our Endless Summer theme park visits (especially roller coasters where the parks don’t allow you to bring a camera on the ride).
  • POV demonstration videos
  • Mountain biking and rock climbing
  • Fishing, canoeing and kayaking
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Skating and skateboarding
  • Hunting and shooting sports
  • Auto and motorcycle racing
  • Most outdoor activities
  • Watching sporting events

While the iVue Vista glasses are water resistant, they are not water proof.  So we would not use them while surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding.  For those we will just strap on our GoPro and hit the water.

Endless Summer Rating

For less than $200, we feel that the iVue Denali camera glasses is a good investment for those looking for a hands free alternative in taking POV videos. If you are in the market for a GoPro alternative, that the iVue Denali would be a good choice to make.

Click here to purchase the iVue Denali

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