Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A Must-Do Adventure Experience

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, Kilimanjaro Safaris offers a unique experience that allows guests to explore the rich wildlife of Africa without leaving the United States. This attraction replicates an African safari and is known for providing up-close encounters with exotic animals in a large, naturalistic habitat. The safari adventure takes visitors on an open-air vehicle through the lush landscapes of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, creating an immersive experience that engages all ages.

On this expedition, they navigate through different ecosystems, including the savanna, forests, and wetlands, which are all part of the 110-acre reserve. The safari journey is not only an adventure but an educational experience where guests learn about the various species they see, including lions, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and hippos. Live guides provide insightful commentary on the animals’ behaviors, conservation efforts, and the significance of preserving natural environments.

Planning Your Safari Adventure

When preparing for Kilimanjaro Safaris, guests should consider the ride’s accessibility, leverage the Disney Genie+ system for a shorter wait time, and choose the optimal time to embark on their journey to encounter diverse wildlife species.

Best Time to Ride

Morning Hours:

  • Ideal for cooler temperatures and active animals.
  • Less crowded, increasing chances for a more intimate experience.

Evening Hours:

  • Unique sighting opportunities as some animals are more active at dusk.
  • Twilight can provide a beautiful savanna backdrop, enhancing the experience.

Accessibility and Restrictions


  • The safari is wheelchair accessible.
  • Guests can stay in their wheelchair/ECV or transfer to a ride vehicle.


  • There are no height restrictions, ensuring that families can enjoy together.
  • Expectant mothers can ride but should consult with a healthcare provider beforehand.
  • Service animals are not permitted on the ride for the safety of the safari’s live animals.

Lightning Lane and Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+:

  • Kilimanjaro Safaris offers Lightning Lane access via Disney Genie+.
  • This service allows guests to bypass the standard queue for an expedited boarding process.

Obtaining Access:

  • Guests can purchase Disney Genie+ on the day of their visit once they have entered the park.
  • It’s recommended to reserve ride access early in the day as availability can be limited.

On the Trail of African Wildlife

Upon embarking on the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests are transported into the heart of African wildlife, where they encounter the majestic “Big Five” and engage with conservation efforts aimed at preserving these species for future generations.

Encountering the Big Five

Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers guests the unique opportunity to observe the famed “Big Five” of African wildlife. This esteemed group includes lions, known for its regal mane and roar; elephants, celebrated for its intelligence and grandeur; rhinoceros, whose horned snout is unmistakable; leopards, recognized for its striking spotted coat; and the mighty buffalo, known for its robust horns and herding behavior. These animals are the cornerstone of the safari experience, representing some of the most compelling wildlife the African continent has to offer.

  • Lion: Often found lounging in the sun or surveying their territory.
  • Elephant: Observable in their family units, showcasing their complex social behaviors.
  • Rhinoceros: Frequently sighted grazing or wallowing in mud.
  • Leopard: Spotted occasionally lounging in trees or stealthily navigating the underbrush.
  • Buffalo: Seen in herds, displaying their social hierarchy.

Safari Ride Experience

The Kilimanjaro Safari ride spans across 100 acres of savanna, meticulously crafted to mirror the diverse ecosystems of Africa. Guests are loaded onto open-sided safari vehicles for a tour that typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes. During the journey, visitors are immersed in the sights and sounds of the savanna, coming face-to-face with approximately 34 different species of African animals. Each safari is unique, offering a different perspective on the behavior and interactions of wildlife in their naturalistic habitats.

Key Points of the Ride:

  • Approximately 20 to 30-minute duration
  • Open-sided safari vehicles
  • Real-time animal encounters and behaviors

Conservation Efforts

Conservation is a central theme woven into the Kilimanjaro Safari experience. As they navigate the savanna, guests learn about the threats facing African wildlife, including poaching and habitat loss, and the efforts to combat these challenges. The safari highlights Disney’s commitment to wildlife conservation and provides information on how guests can actively participate in conservation initiatives. This educational component ensures that visitors leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the importance of preserving these animals and their environments.

Focus on Conservation:

  • Educational messages on poaching and habitat loss
  • Initiatives to engage guests in conservation efforts
  • Disney’s dedication to wildlife preservation

The Terrain and Ecosystems

Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers guests a glimpse into diverse and meticulously reconstructed African ecosystems. These sections feature over 110 acres of terrain that emulate the indigenous flora and wildlife habitats of Africa.

Savanna Grasslands

The vast Savanna Grasslands of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve emulate the iconic African savanna, an open plain characterized by sparse trees and extensive grassy areas. This expanse supports a variety of wildlife and is structured to replicate the vast plains of East Africa. Guests can observe animals such as giraffes and zebras traversing the land, mimicking their natural behaviors in the wild.

Shady Forest Landscapes

Amidst the larger ecosystems, Shady Forest Landscapes provide a stark contrast to the open savanna. This section showcases a denser, canopy-covered environment, where guests might spot rhinos or elephants taking respite from the sun. The design of these areas focuses on the mimicry of natural forests found within the African savanna, creating cooler microhabitats for both animals and visitors.

Rocky Wetlands

The Rocky Wetlands area simulates the ecosystems often found on the fringes of African savannas, where water collects and life flourishes. Here, one observes the integration of both land and water animals. The wetlands are not only a source of water but also serve as a habitat for many species, displaying the diversity and adaptability of African wildlife.

Extra Tips and Attractions

When visiting Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests should not miss the chance to capture enchanting memories and explore engaging experiences surrounding the attraction.

Photo Opportunities and Souvenirs

Camera Ready: Guests should have their cameras readily accessible, as the safari presents fleeting moments with live animals in naturalistic habitats. Quick shutter speeds and the use of smartphone cameras can help ensure crisp images to remember the journey through Wild Africa.

Souvenirs: Along the path exiting Kilimanjaro Safaris, shops with African-themed merchandise allow guests to take home a piece of the adventure. From animal plush toys to themed apparel, each souvenir serves as a tangible memory of the sights and sounds of the safari experience.

Nearby Attractions and Experiences

Wild Africa Trek: For a more intimate and educational experience, visitors can book the Wild Africa Trek, an additional VIP tour that offers an up-close encounter with the wildlife and insights about conservation efforts.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch: Accessible by the Wildlife Express Train, this area provides interactive activities and exhibits focused on animal welfare and conservation. Here, guests can experience a more hands-on approach with some of the resident animals and even observe veterinary procedures at the onsite animal care center.

The vicinity of Kilimanjaro Safaris also boasts a walking trail, Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, where guests can observe gorillas and other African wildlife at a leisurely pace.

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