SeaWorld Orlando – Electric Ocean Summer Spectacular

Do you love a glow party?  Then you will love Electric Ocean which is SeaWorld Orlando’s summer celebration. This tradition will continue during 2021 and SeaWorld as always will put on a great show. 

Electric Ocean is held every summer at SeaWorld Orlando and typically runs on select nights from Memorial Day weekend to around Labor Day weekend.  Guests will enjoy a host of summer themed entertainment with special shows, music, and an end of the night fireworks / light show spectacular.

Like most of SeaWorld special events, Electric Ocean is not a separately ticketed event and is free to all existing ticket holders, Fun Cards or Annual Pass holders.  

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Electric Ocean 2021 at SeaWorld Orlando

For 2021 Electric Ocean will run on select nights from May 28th and extend until September 6, 2021.  The specific dates for this years summer spectacular are:

  • May 28th to 31st
  • June 4th to 6th, 11th to 13th, 18th to 30th
  • July 1st to 31st
  • August 1st to 8th, 13th to 15th, 20th to 22nd, 27th to 29th
  • September 3rd to 6th

This year SeaWorld is combining a number of new shows & entertainment to compliment a some of the more popular ones from the prior years.  This years lineup includes:

Ignite Fireworks

The Ignite Fireworks show is one Orlando’s best fireworks shows.  With a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, lights / lasers, fountains and music (not to mention fireworks), this show is just not to be missed.

Some of the best places to watch Ignite are in Bayside Stadium as well as the Waterfront area of SeaWorld.  Ignite typically begins at 10:00 PM and is held only on Electric Ocean evenings.

Elmo Rocks

This amazing show features Elmo and his friends performing in their own rock ‘n’ roll concert.  Located at the Nautilus Theater, Elmo Rocks will have multiple shows throughout the course of the day but will only be held during Electric Ocean dates.

Electric Current (New for 2021)

The all new for 2021 Electric Current is a family-friendly dance party with a live DJ by The Waterfront area of SeaWorld Orlando.  Electric Current times will vary but will only be offered during Electric Ocean dates.

Rescue Tails (New for 2021)

To compliment SeaWorld Orlando’s animal encounters, Rescue Tails will be an “educational presentation” about how committed SeaWorld is to animal care and rescue.   Rescue Tails is being held at the Seaport Theater on Thursday’s to Sunday’s during Electric Ocean dates.

Club Sea Glow

Everyone loves a glow party so starting at 8:00 PM at Bayside Stadium during Electric Ocean dates is Club Sea Glow.  Guests will enjoy a high energy party featuring a live DJ, dancers and performers while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Prior Years Electric Ocean Celebrations

Prior years Electric Ocean featured a number of summer themed entertainment and shows which really were fun to see.  These included:

  • Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up the Night
  • Touch the Sky (Dolphin Show)
  • Sea Lions Tonite
  • Club Sea Glow
  • IGNITE Fireworks and Fountains Spectacular

Shamu’s Celebration – Light Up the Night

Shamu is back again for another year of “LIGHT UP THE NIGHT”. This is one of those can’t miss shows when you are in Orlando this summer.  Typically starting at 8:30 PM, this high energy show features a number of SeaWorld’s famous Orcas (killer whales) performing to music and lights.

If you are seeking to cool off, make sure you sit in the “Soak Zone” which is the first rows of seats.  Keep in mind that Shamu likes the water to be very cold so when you get hit, it will definitely wake you up.

Back in 2016 SeaWorld announced that it is planning to close the Orca (killer whale) shows due to pressure from a number of animal protection groups.  The show in SeaWorld San Diego closed in March 2017 and the shows in Orlando and San Antonio were planned to close by the end of 2019.

The Shamu show has been one of the centerpieces of the SeaWorld parks since originally debuting in the 1960s at the San Diego park.  If this is truly the end of the Shamu show in its entirety, you should make the time to visit SeaWorld this summer as the 2019 “Light Up the Night” show could very well be the last summer show for Shamu and the Orcas. 

Touch the Sky Dolphin (Show)

Touch the Sky is a wonderful show that features SeaWorld’s amazing dolphins.  Unlike the Orca shows at SeaWorld, trainers actually get in the water and perform with the dolphins which makes for a truly amazing show.  Both the dolphins and the trainers really look like they are having a great time performing for the audience.

Beyond the dolphins there is a little twist with a number of exotic birds flying over the crowd towards the end of the show.   They do get pretty close so don’t pick up your hands when they are flying over you.

Club Sea Glow

Starting at 8:PM right before the Ignite show at Bayside Stadium is Club Sea Glow – SeaWorld’s family dance party.  Dance along side sea creatures and enjoy several dance routines including a Laser Dance by ‘Extreme B”. 

SeaWorld puts out a ton of dancers to get the crowd on their feet.  And before the night is over, there are hundreds of kids and adults alike on the dance floor.

IGNITE Fireworks & Fountains Spectacular

And to cap off the night is the fireworks & fountains spectacular called “IGNITE”.  Ignite is one of the best fireworks shows in all of the Florida theme parks.  From amazing music to brilliant colors of the of the sea & sky, this show is not to be missed.

So take up a seat at Bayside Stadium at 9:30 pm and enjoy the show.  On weekend nights the park gets crowded so try and get there early for a great spot.  If the wind is blowing and you are near the water, prepare to get wet as those fountains spray quite a long ways into the air.

POP Bubble Show

One of the Electric Ocean shows which is no longer featured is the POP Bubble Show staring bubble master Fan Yang.  This show is truly a kids dream with amazing bubbles, lights music and lasers.  Fan Yang is also quite a character and very funny but that should not be surprising from a man that has made a career in blowing bubbles.  And at the end of the show, you will be fully immersed in a sea of bubbles.

Let’s hope that SeaWorld brings this show back for another round of bubble magic!  Not only is it a great show, but a nice break from the summer heat in central Florida.   As it is inside within the Nautilus Theatre, the show runs in any weather so when the typical afternoon storms come rolling through, that’s a great time to see this show.  

Where to stay for Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld does not have an true “on site” hotels but there are a number of Official SeaWorld Orlando hotels and SeaWorld Partner hotels in the immediate area.  For a full list of these properties, CLICK HERE.

Our favorite hotel when staying at SeaWorld is the   Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.  This hotel is amazing with over 750 rooms surrounding a 10 story lobby / atrium, huge pool area with kids splash park and a number of great formal and casual dining options. We did a complete hotel video tour and review which you can find by  CLICKING HERE.

The Renaissance is right across the street from SeaWorld and it is just a short walk across the parking area.  Since it is an Official SeaWorld Hotel, you get a complimentary one time Quick Queue pass which lets you bypass the long lines on a number of the best rides.

Typically you can find rooms at the Renaissance for less than $150 per night plus tax but resort fees and parking can exceed more than $50 a night. 

So if that is out of your budget, be sure to check the rates and availability on the many other “Official” and “Partner” hotels at SeaWorld Orlando.  


Electric Ocean ends on September 6, 2021 so there is still time to catch this amazing show.  For great deals on SeaWorld tickets as well as nearby hotels, check out the links below.

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