Universal’s Epic Universe: A Comprehensive Guide to What’s Forthcoming

Universal’s Epic Universe is an upcoming theme park under construction in Orlando, Florida. Originally announced in August 2019, this highly anticipated attraction will be the fourth theme park at Universal Orlando Resort, adding to the already popular lineup that includes the themed water park Volcano Bay. Although construction was delayed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, progress resumed in March 2021, and it is expected to open by mid-2025.

Epic Universe promises a next-level experience that aims to change theme park entertainment forever. Guests will have the opportunity to venture into beloved stories and journey through vibrant lands, where each adventure offers astounding experiences leading to an unforgettable destination. Among its features are at least three big intellectual properties including DreamWorks Animation, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Nintendo.

This impending addition to the Universal Orlando Resort family has generated significant excitement among fans and theme park enthusiasts. Given the innovative design and world-class entertainment in store, there is little doubt that Universal’s Epic Universe will make a significant impact in the competitive world of themed attractions.

About Universal’s Epic Universe

Universal’s Epic Universe, the long-awaited new theme park, was first announced by NBC Universal’s CEO of Park & Resorts in August 2019. This announcement came 20 years after the introduction of Islands of Adventure in 1999, marking a major milestone for the Universal brand.

Initially, Epic Universe was planned to open in 2023, but the global pandemic in 2020 caused delays in construction. Despite these setbacks, the park remains an ambitious project that will expand the Universal Orlando Resort. Spanning 750 acres, Epic Universe will nearly double the resort’s total available space, transforming it into a sprawling entertainment destination.

Among the 50+ attractions planned for Epic Universe are areas dedicated to intellectual properties including DreamWorks Animation and Nintendo. These powerhouse brands will contribute unique and exciting experiences for park-goers, further enhancing Universal’s reputation for bringing popular franchises to life.

As the largest Universal park in the US, and the second-largest worldwide after Universal Studios Beijing, Epic Universe promises an all-encompassing experience for visitors. The park will incorporate not only thrilling rides, but also hotels, shopping, restaurants, and other amenities to keep guests entertained both day and night.

The story of Universal’s Epic Universe is one of ambition, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to deliver world-class experiences for its visitors. As construction progresses, the anticipation for this groundbreaking theme park continues to grow, with fans eagerly awaiting the chance to explore this epic new world.

Park Design and Layout

Universal’s Epic Universe, the highly anticipated addition to Universal Orlando Resort, introduces a unique park design different from previous Universal parks. Based on concept art, this new theme park adopts the traditional wheel-and-spoke layout, a concept that Disneyland popularized in 1955. This distinct layout allows park-goers to easily access different themed lands and attractions from the central hub, creating an efficient and engaging experience.

Upon opening, Epic Universe will be the largest Universal park in the US and the second globally behind the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing. This new park will feature intellectual properties including DreamWorks Animation and Nintendo. Nintendo, in particular, will act as an anchor for the whole themed area, bringing popular franchises like Mario, Luigi, and Zelda to life.

The park will also appeal to Harry Potter fans, as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter being expanded into the Epic Universe. Other details surrounding the park’s design indicate a sequence of water features, an in-park hotel, entrances to Harry Potter and the Classic Monsters lands, and a high-speed dual-racing roller coaster. In addition, the Super Nintendo World entrance plaza provides a special touch to this ambitious project.

By incorporating the wheel-and-spoke layout and embracing beloved properties, Universal’s Epic Universe is poised to deliver a fresh and unforgettable experience. With its thoughtful design and distinctive features, this new park will surely captivate the hearts of visitors for years to come.

Worlds and Attractions at Epic Universe

It’s been widely reported that Epic Universe will consists of five “Worlds” that feature more than 50 attractions as well as plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences.

Celestial Park

Celestial Park is described as the central hub of Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe theme park. It is designed to be the gateway between the various immersive worlds within the park. Celestial Park is expected to be decorated with lush gardens and elaborate water features, providing a scenic and tranquil environment for guests as they transition between the different themed areas.

The park spans the full length of Epic Universe, offering a cohesive experience that connects the different worlds. It aims to create an immersive atmosphere where guests can feel like they are epic heroes embarking on adventures. This central area may not only serve as a connector but could also host its own attractions and experiences.

Super Nintendo World

One of the most popular rumors is of Super Nintendo World which is expected to be similar to that within Universal Studios Osaka (Japan).  Themed rides and attractions are anticipated to include:

  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong roller coaster

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

The Harry Potter section will feature magical experiences that transport guests to the Ministry of Magic in the Wizarding World. While specific attractions remain unknown, one can expect enchanted rides, interactive experiences, and themed shops found in the original Universal Studios park and Islands of Adventure.

Dark Universe

The Dark Universe section will pay homage to iconic creatures like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Mummy. It’s a spooky, yet family-friendly area, with a mix of thrilling attractions and experiences, highlighting the best of Universal’s classic monster movies.

How to Train Your Dragon

Another highly anticipated attraction is a roller coaster themed after the movie franchise “How to Train Your Dragon”.  Details are also sparse but this ride could be a family-friendly addition to the park.

Dining and Shopping Options

Themed Restaurants

It is anticipated that Epic Universe will offer a number of different dining options within its central areas, ensuring guests have a variety of cuisines and atmospheres to choose from. Each themed area in the park includes at least one eatery, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the unique ambiance and culinary delights of the different worlds. 

Souvenir Shops

Each area of Epic Universe is expected to have its own selection of retail locations, offering exclusive merchandise and collectibles specific to the theme. From apparel and accessories to unique keepsakes and memorabilia, guests will find items that capture the essence of their favorite attractions and experiences at Epic Universe.

Character Meet and Greets

Universal’s Epic Universe is expected to have an extensive lineup of character meet and greets for guests to enjoy. Get ready to meet some of your favorite characters from various universes, making your visit to the park truly memorable.

At the Classic Monsters land, it is anticipated that guests may have a chance to engage with the iconic monsters of Universal’s history. Prepare to get up close and personal with characters from the world of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman. This area of the park will not only provide thrill and entertainment but also honor Universal’s timeless classics.

The park is also expected to bring Super Nintendo Land to life, where guests will have the opportunity to meet beloved Nintendo and Mario characters such as Koopa Troopa and other iconic figures. Indulge in interactive elements, collect coins, unlock special areas, and compete in various mini-games, all while being surrounded by architecture straight out of the Super Mario games.

How Universal’s Epic Universe is Expected to Stand Out

Universal’s Epic Universe distinguishes itself from other Universal parks with its massive scale and the inclusion of new intellectual properties. It is set to be the largest Universal park in the US, and the second largest globally, positioned just behind the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing. This expansive park will provide an immersive experience by incorporating several themed lands, each featuring attractions, shops and dining experiences that cater to different audiences.

One of the key highlights within Epic Universe is the presence of popular intellectual properties from well-known brands. The park is expected to house attractions from DreamWorks Animation, Illumination and Nintendo. The latter firmly anchors the park by providing unique experiences based on beloved gaming franchises, such as Mario and Pokémon, which will attract a diverse range of visitors.

Aside from its size and partnerships with renowned brands, Epic Universe aims to be cutting-edge with its advanced technology. While little specific information has been officially confirmed, it is clear that the park’s design aims to push the envelope for theme park innovation. This high-tech approach, combined with the vast array of branded attractions, will make the overall guest experience at Epic Universe truly unique.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Universal’s Epic Universe is a convenient destination for tourists visiting other nearby theme parks, such as Walt Disney World. With a driving distance of approximately 15 minutes, guests can easily enjoy both Universal and Disney attractions within the same trip, making Epic Universe an even more appealing option for visitors.

Overall, Universal’s Epic Universe stands out from other Universal parks due to its immense size, impressive lineup of brands, innovative technology and convenient location for tourists. This combination of factors is poised to make Epic Universe one of the most exciting theme park destinations in the world.

Hotels Universal’s Epic Universe

It is anticipated that there will be three hotels at Universal’s Epic Universe with one of the hotels located inside the park itself.  Rumored names include the Universal Helios Grand Hotel, Universal Stella Nova Resort and the Universal Terra Luna Resort.

Universal Stella Nova and Universal Terra Luna Resort

The Universal Stella Nova and Universal Terra Luna Resort hotels will be part of Universal Orlando’s Prime Value hotel category.  Each will feature 750 guest rooms and include on-site dining venues and resort-style pools.  Both are expected to open in early 2025 and the Universal Stella Nova is taking reservations as of February 2025.

The Endless Summer family currently has a reservation for February 7th to February 9th at a rate of $224.00 per night.

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

The Universal Helios Grand Hotel is anticipated to be one of the most unique theme park hotels as it is located directly inside of Epic Universe at the rear of Celestial Park.  This 500-room property will feature amazing views of the theme park and have it’s own dedicated park entrance.

These two resorts are well underway and currently taking reservations for early 2025 (are situated just off Universal Boulevard and the Kirkman Road extension, on the far side of the Orange County Convention Center.  

In addition to the Universal hotels, an all new Marriott brand W Hotel just steps from this all new theme park.  According to published reports, the 22-story hotel is being developed by The Buccini/Pollin Group and BPGS Construction.  This 400-room hotel will feature five bars & restaurants, a 2,000-seat music theater and a six story parking garage.

Additional details on the hotels will be provided as soon as announced.

Progress for Universal’s Epic Universe

Universal’s Epic Universe is a highly anticipated theme park currently under construction in Orlando, Florida. In addition to the park itself, significant infrastructure plans are underway to support increased traffic and access to the area.

A giant elevated traffic circle is being constructed, along with a road extension in Orange County costing over $300 million. These improvements aim to alleviate congestion and facilitate the smooth flow of visitors to and from the theme park.

As the opening date approaches, further information regarding the additional attractions and technology is expected to be unveiled. Industry insiders and theme park enthusiasts are speculating about the nature of these additions, which will undoubtedly further heighten the excitement surrounding Epic Universe’s debut in 2025.

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