The Complete Guide to SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is central Florida’s second oldest theme park (after the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World) and the third park in the SeaWorld family.  In 2018 this 200-acre park hosted more than 4.5 million visitors making it the 10th most visited theme park in North America.

Originally developed as a marine zoological based theme park in 1974, SeaWorld Orlando has been undergoing massive transformation into more of a “thrill park” with the addition of a number of rides and attractions over the past few years. 

While no longer shown on the SeaWorld map, the park is comprised of eight individual neighborhoods or “Seas” that all surround the SeaWorld Central Lagoon.

  • Port of Entry
  • Sea of Shallows
  • Sea of Legends 
  • Sea of Ice
  • Sea of Delight
  • Sea of Mystery
  • Sea of Power
  • Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld

Within these “Seas” not only are there a number of exciting rides & attractions suitable for all ages, but SeaWorld hosts a number of the best shows of any theme park in the Orlando area.

One of the nice things about SeaWorld is that since it is smaller than its Disney and Universal counterparts, the walk from the parking lot is not daunting.  And outside the entrance is the Pet Care Center, if you have chosen to bring along your furry friends, as well as a picnic area for guests bringing their own food beverages (you just have to leave the cooler in your car).

Details on the individual neighborhood “Seas” as well as their rides & attractions are shown below.

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Port of Entry

After passing through security (yes there are metal detectors just like in the airport), you scan your ticket or annual pass at the entry gate and walk immediately into the Port of Entry.  There will be some pop up kiosks for “merch” as well as a few places for photo opportunities.

One of these places for a great photo op is right in from the the SeaWorld lighthouse.

The Port of Entry is where you day begins and you can do anything from buy a t-shirt, grab a snack, schedule a tour, make dining reservations and even see a few dolphins.

  • Guest Services:  At guest services you can find park information, makes reservations for tours and restaurants, purchase Quick Queue passes, Reserved Seating and other upgrades.   Click here to learn more about these upgrades. 
  • SeaWorld Store / Emporium: The Emporium is the main gift shop right at the front entrance to the park and has everything from stuffed animals to apparel and souvenirs.
  • SeaWorld Rescue Store:  Get your rescue gear and souvenirs here and SeaWorld will donate 5% of the purchase to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.
  • Adventure Photo:  What would a visit to a theme park be without picking up a few photos from not only your rides but from SeaWorld’s photographers.
  • Starbucks’ Coffee & Bakery:  Of course there is a Starbucks – where else would you get your morning coffee.
  • Ice Cream Shop:  Grab a cone or sundae to cool off on a hot summer day in central Florida.
  • Sweetsallin’ Candy Shop:  You can get your sugar fix from an array of sweats at Sweetsallin’ Candy Shop.
  • Dolphin Nursery:  At the Dolphin Nursery you can get up close and personal with a number of SeaWorld’s bottle-nose dolphins.  The nursery is wide open for you view the dolphins from both above and underwater.  

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Sea of Shallows

Right beyond the Port of Entry is the Sea of Shallows which is home to a host of SeaWorld Orlando’s  most popular attractions as well as a number of amazing animal experiences.  This “Sea” has a bit of a Key West theme with a number of the buildings designed reminiscent of that lifestyle.

Sea of Shallows Rides and Attractions

  • Dolphin Theater: The Dolphin Theater is home to SeaWorld’s dolphin shows.  The current daytime show is called “Dolphin Adventures” which is a very fun show that runs several times a day.  Also held at the Dolphin Theater during summer months is the “Touch the Sky” show which is part of SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean Summer Spectacular.  
  • Manta: Manta is one of SeaWorld Orlando’s roller coasters where you ride in a prone position just like a “manta ray”.   This three-minute ride has four inversions and reaches up to 56 miles per hour.  Wait times for Manta do vary but typically range from 30 to 60 minutes on an average summer day.  Quick Queue is available but you can also hit this ride first thing in the morning when crowd levels are low.  There is a 54-inch height requirement for Manta and personal belongings are not allowed on the ride.

  • TurtleTrek: TurtleTrek is a very unique attractions where the guests start off by viewing huge aquariums of turtles, manatee and a host of other creatures from the sea.  The main part of TurtleTrek is within a 360 degree dome projection theater where you will follow the baby turtle “Naya”.  This seven minute 3D show is a wonderful experience that shows the trials of live as a turtle.  There is a three-part queue so the wait time is short and typically less than 30 minutes on the average summer day.  Quick Queue is available for this attraction.  

Sea of Shallows Animal Connections

  • Alligators, Manatees and SeaTurtles
  • Dolphin Cove: One of the largest interactive dolphins pools, Dolphin Cove is a great place to watch SeaWorld’s bottlenose dolphins play.  There are premium experiences offered at Dolphin Cove which include a “Dolphin Encounter + Feeding” for $25 and a “Dolphins Up-Close Tour” for $45.
  • Dolphin Underwater Viewing: Go below the surface and watch the bottlenose dolphins play from underneath the waters of Dolphin Cove.  This is a very nice place to relax and enjoy the air-conditioning while watching the dolphins.
  • Flamingo Cove: Gaze at these beautiful creatures.  If you catch it right, you can see the flamingos being walked in the park.  It’s a really cool thing to see. 
  • Manatee Rehabilitation:  Go behind the scenes at SeaWorld to see all that they do to help these gentle giants rehab when injured.  
  • Manta Aquarium:  The Manta Aquarium is one of the hidden gems at SeaWorld Orlando and tucked underneath the Manta roller coaster. There are 10 individual aquariums with over 3,000 different varieties of marine species including sea dragons, rays and octopus.
  • Pelican Preserve:  Pelican Preserve is home to a number of rescued and rehabilitated brown & white pelicans.  
  • Stingray Lagoon and Feeding: This is your chance to not only get up close with stingrays but also to touch and feed them (three feeding trays are $10).  There are more than 100 rays in this lagoon with a few new-borns that are housed separately from the group.

Sea of Shallows Shopping and Dining

  • Flamingo Pointe & Vacation Experience Center: Make your plans for this or your future vacation.
  • Manta Photo and Gifts: Get a picture of you while riding Manta or pick up a souvenir (located just outside the ride itself).
  • Coconut Bay Traders: Themed in the Old Key West fashioned, Coconut Bay Traders has a variety of dolphin themed souvenirs, apparel and gifts.
  • Trek Treasures: Trek Treasures is a gift shop themed on all things turtles.  Grab your turtle souvenirs here.
  • Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs: This quick service dining facility is home to Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dogs.  Captain Pete’s is part of the All-Day Dining Deal.

Sea of Legends

If rides are your thing then the Sea of Legends has two of SeaWorld Orlando’s best in Kraken Unleashed and Journey to Atlantis.    

Sea of Legends Rides and Attractions

  • Journey to Atlantis:  Journey to Atlantis is part water ride and part roller coaster.  After you jump aboard your ride vehicle (which is an 8-person boat) your journey starts off in the lost City of Atlantis.  After climbing to the top of the temple for a 60-foot drop which is the best part of the entire ride.  Plan to get soaked as you splash down right in from of the temple for all to see.   The ride finishes with a short roller coaster blast and into another pool of water.  So if you did not get wet the first time, it will happen now.  Wait times at Journey to Atlantis range from 20 minutes but can exceed 45 minutes on a busy summer day.  Quick Queue is available and there is a minimum height requirement of 42 inches but any guest under 48 inches must be accompanied by a supervising companion that is at least 14 years of age. Personal belongings are not allowed on this ride and lockers are available outside the entrance.

  • Kraken:  Kraken is a floorless roller coaster that is one of the most exciting rides at SeaWorld Orlando.  With speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, this 4,100+ foot coaster and two loops and seven inversions as well as a cobra roll, and a corkscrew. Previously there was a virtual reality experience but that was removed in 2018.  There is a 54 inch height requirement for Kraken and personal belongings are not allowed on the ride (lockers are available outside the entrance).  Wait times for vary but typically range from 30 to 60 minutes on an average summer day.  Quick Queue is available.

Sea of Shallows Animal Connections

  • Aquarium: Located just behind the gift shop in Journey to Atlantis, you will be surrounded by marine life not just on all sides but from above and below as well.  Make sure you check out the eels and the jellyfish tanks.

Sea of Legends Shopping and Dining

  • Golden Seahorse Gifts at Journey to Atlantis
  • Kraken Games and Gifts

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Sea of Ice

The Sea of Ice is themed after the continent Antarctica.  Although one of the smaller seas, it is one of the newest.  Upon entering you will be surrounded by glacier formations and all things cold.

Sea of Ice Animal CRides and Attractions

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: Opened in 2013, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin allows guests to see the five species of penguins in a cold and snowy habitat.  

The attraction originally included a trackless dark ride (see video below) which now is closed and rumored to be the future site of an indoor roller coaster.

Sea of Ice Shopping and Dining

  • Glacial Collections: The gift shop for the Sea of Ice featuring a number of penguin themed souvenirs from penguin pajamas to hoodies and picture frames.  It’s all about the penguins.
  • Expedition Cafe’: Expedition Cafe’ is a quick service dining marketplace style restaurant that is eligible for the All-Day Dining Deal.  There is a variety of American, Asian and Italian food that is offered in a mess hall type of environment.  Click here to see the menu at the Expedition Cafe’.

Sea of Delight

The Sea of Delight is in the heart of SeaWorld Orlando and has some of the best views of the lagoon and surrounding Seas.  This “waterfront” area is also a great place to relax and get something to eat as there are it is home to several of SeaWorld’s best restaurants.  There are even a number of shops where you 

Sea of Delight Rides and Attractions

  • Sea Lion & Otter Stadium: Sea Lion & Otter Stadium is home to the show “Sea Lion High: The New Class” where you will join Clyde and Seamore as they go back to school to get their diplomas.  This is a very funny show where you will enjoy the humor and antics.  And during the holiday months Clyde & Seamore host a “Christmas Special” which is not to be missed.  Reserved seating and a behind the scenes tour is available at the Sea Lion & Otter Stadium. 
  • Seaport Theater: The Seaport Theater is home to the Pets Ahoy show.  Guests will enjoy a high energy show with a number of dogs, cats, birds and even pigs.  Many of these pets are adopted from rescue organizations and now call SeaWorld as their home.   If you love pets and animals, then Pets Ahoy is a must see.  There are multiple showtimes every day so be sure to check the guide map or SeaWorld’s app for the schedule.  Reserved seating is available at the Seaport Theater.
  • The Sky Tower: One of the things we enjoy at SeaWorld is taking a ride on the Sky Tower.  The 400-foot fully air-conditioned tower is one the original attractions since the park opened in 1974 and is not to be missed.  You will get a birds eye view of SeaWorld and on a clear day you can see as far as Disney’s Magic Kingdom and EPCOT parks.  There is a small fee for the Sky Tower but annual passholders are free.

Sea of Delight Animal Connections

  • Pacific Point Preserve & Feeding: When was the last time to had the opportunity to feed sea lions?  Well here is your chance.  They get hungry and when they’re hunger, they get a bid loud.  Sea lion feeding is one of the fun and unique experiences at SeaWorld.

Sea of Preserve Shopping and Dining

  • Seafire Grill: The Seafire Grill serves breakfast (continental), lunch and dinner.  Lunch and dinner options include chicken sandwiches and wraps, salads and assorted deserts.   All-Day Dining is available.  Click here to see the menu at the Seafire Grill.
  • Voyagers Smokehouse: Get your barbecue here – everything from chicken to ribs and brisket; the All-Day Dining is available at this restaurant. Click here to see the menu at the Voyager’s Smokehouse.  
  • Spice Mill Burgers
  • Flamecraft Bar: Located just outside the Seafire Grill, guests will enjoy an amazing view of the SeaWorld Lagoon from this patio bar while sampling one of 16 featured craft beers or a specialty cocktail.  Snacks are offered and include a monster sized hot pretzel and loaded nachos.   
  • SeaPort Pizza
  • Turkey Legs
  • The Shoppes at Waterfront:  This is a four-store shop which has “everything under the sun”.  There is also a Guy Harvey Shop as part of the stores where you can purchase Guy Harvey shirts, apparel and artwork.  During the winter months for the Christmas Celebration, SeaWorld makes snow flurries fall just outside (along the waterfront).  Check the daily guide for times during the holiday season.
  • Oyster’s Secret

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Sea of Mystery

The Sea of Mystery is home to some of the newest “thrill” rides and attractions including the Mako roller coaster and Infinity Falls river raft ride.  In addition to these exciting rides, the Sea of Mystery is where the Nautilus Theater is located where guests will enjoy of summer of seasonal shows. 

Sea of Mystery Rides and Attractions

  • Mako: We consider the Mako roller coaster to be the best ride at SeaWorld Orlando ( check out our Top 5 list of SeaWorld rides for 2020 here ).  Mako opened in 2016 and is Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster.  You will travel at speeds of up to 73 miles per hour and experience a 200 foot drop.  It’s a very exciting, but very quick ride. There is a 54 inch height requirement and ride wait times range from approximately 20 minutes to more than 60 minutes on a busy summer day.  Quick Queue is available for Mako and be sure to make sure not to bring any personal items with you when riding.

  • Infinity Falls:  Infinity Falls is the newest addition to the SeaWorld Orlando line up of rides and is a five-minute river raft ride that features a 40 foot drop (the tallest for a water ride) after a ride through white water rapids.  What’s amazing is that you get to the top of the drop by elevator – yes, your entire raft is elevated and it is a really cool experience.  Unlike most rides where there is a minimum height restriction, Infinity Falls as both a minimum (42 inches) and a maximum (77 inches) height requirement.   We have seen wait times as high as 60 minutes on hot summer days as guests look to cool off so if you can get a Quick Queue for this ride, it would make sense to do so.

  • Nautilus Theater:  The Nautilus Theater is a presentation and concert venue that is home to a number of SeaWorld’s best shows. During the Christmas holiday spectacular be sure to see O Wondrous Night.  It’s a show that is not to be missed.
  • Flamingo Paddle Boats:  Take a 20 minute ride for just $6 per person on board a Flamingo Paddle Boat.  There is a 56-inch height limited to ride along and wait times are typically less than 10 minutes.
  • Sea Carousel:  Round and round you go on this classic, marine-themed ride topped by a 45-foot wide pink octopus.  This ride is perfect for the kids and does not have a height requirement. 

Sea of Mystery Animal Connections

  • Shark Encounter Aquarium & Feeding:  Sharks and other marine life surround you as you glide along on a moving walkway in this amazing underwater encounter.  And when your finished but sure to check out the feeding pool just outside the attraction.

Sea of Mystery Shopping and Dining

  • Sharks Underwater Grill & Bar:  Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner at SeaWorld.  Sharks is an upscale full-service restaurant where you dine right besides a tank of sharks and other marine life.  Reservations are required at Sharks and the cuisine ranges from fish and steaks to chicken and salads.  Click here to see the menu at Sharks Underwater Grill & Bar.

Sea of Power

The Sea of Power is home to one of the most popular attractions at Shamu Stadium.  And coming soon is SeaWorld’s newest roller coaster in ICE BREAKER.

Sea of Power Rides and Attractions

  • ICE BREAKER:  Ice Breaker is the newest addition to the roller coaster lineup at SeaWorld Orlando.  This attraction opened in the Spring of 2021 and features a 93 foot tall vertical drop (at a 100 degree angle) and a number of twists, turns and “airtime hills”.  Top speed is around 50 miles per hour for this “quadruple launch coaster”.  There is a 42-inch height requirement and wait times are typically in the range of 20 to 30 minutes.  Quick Queue is also available for Ice Breaker.

  • Shamu Stadium: Shamu Stadium is the focal point of SeaWorld’s transformation as the latest shows are educational experiences.  The all new “ORCA Encounter” started in late December 2019 is will be new killer whale experience.  In addition, there is an “Ocean Discovery” which is a 30-minute interactive presentation about killer whales.  At this time there has not been any announcement about possible Orca shows during the summer or holiday season.

  • Pipeline – The Surf Coaster:  Opening in the spring of 2023, Pipeline: The Surf Coaster is a completely new way to experience a roller coaster.  This “standing” attraction simulates big wave riding.  With 2,950 feet of track and speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, we can wait for this coaster to open.

Sea of Power Animal Connections

  • Beluga Whales, Walrus & Harbor Seals at Wild Arctic: Tour this amazing habitat where you will see beluga whales, a walrus and harbor seals.  The tour begins at the conclusion of the Wild Arctic ride but you can bypass the ride and just take the tour. 
  • Shamu Underwater Viewing

Sea of Power Shopping and Dining

  • Dine with Killer Whales at Shamu Stadium
  • Wild Artic Gifts
  • Mango Joe’s

Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld

Formerly Shamu’s Happy Harbour, this entire “Sea” has been transformed into Sesame Street Land.

Sesame Street Land Rides and Attractions

  • Abby’s Flower Tower
  • Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl
  • Cookie Drop!
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works
  • Sesame Street Party Parade
  • Slimey’s Slider
  • Storytime with Big Bird
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

Sesame Street Land Shopping and Dining

  • Eats on the Street:  Including ABC Easts, Sesame Sips and Yummy Yummy Nom Noms.
  • Hooper’s Store

Click here to learn more about Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld

SeaWorld’s Quick Queue & Reserved Seating

There are a number of premium options that can enhance your day at SeaWorld Orlando including the purchasing of a “Quick Queue” pass.  All these packages are available for an additional charge and still require paid park admission. However on a crowded summer day or during the holiday’s, you may just be glad you did.

Reserved Seating & Quick Queue Unlimited

You can skip the regular lines by using SeaWorld’s “Quick Queue” and with the Quick Queue Unlimited, you have “unlimited front-of-the-line access” on the select rides and attractions (keep in mind that height and safety restrictions for each ride still applies so make sure you check your before your purchase).  Go ahead and ride as many times as you wish. 

Quick Queue eligible rides at SeaWorld Orlando include:

  • Mako
  • Manta
  • Kraken Unleashed
  • Ice Breaker
  • Infinity Falls
  • Journey to Atlantis

In addition to the Quick Queue Unlimited this package has Reserved Seating for shows at the following stadiums & theaters (arrive 15 minutes in advance of showtime):

  • Shamu Stadium
  • Dolphin Theater
  • Seaport Theater
  • Sea Lion & Otter Stadium

The cost for Reserved Seating and Quick Queue Unlimited varies by date but we have seen it as low as $35 per person up to $65 per person (guests ages three and up).

SeaWorld Reserved Seating 

If rides are not your thing, then you can just purchase the SeaWorld Reserved Seating package which includes the following individual shows:

  • Orca Encounter
  • Dolphin Days
  • Pets Ahoy
  • Sea Lion High

You will note that these are for specific shows as opposed to a variety of different shows that are held at the stadium / theater venues.

The cost for SeaWorld Reserved Seating also varies by date but we have seen it as low as $15 per person up to $30 per person (guests ages three and up).

Year-Round Quick Queue

Perfect for the frequent guest at SeaWorld or the annual passholder, this package offers unlimited year-round front-of-the-line access to the following rides and attractions (ride height / safety restrictions apply):

  • Infinity Falls
  • Mako
  • Manta
  • Kraken Unleashed
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
  • TurtleTrek (which is not included in the package above)
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Wild Arctic

Per the SeaWorld web site, pricing varies by “season” but the current cost is $200 per person with a 10% discount for annual pass members. 

SeaWorld’s All-Day Dining Plan

The All-Day Dining plan at SeaWorld is one of the best deals throughout the Orlando theme parks.  You can eat and drink all day (as often as once every hour) for one price.   Each time you visit you receive one entree with one side or dessert plus a beverage.  So essentially you can practically eat every hour, all day long.

Your All-Day Dining restaurant options at SeaWorld Orlando are shown below:

  • Voyager’s Smokehouse
  • Expedition Cafe’
  • Seaport Pizza
  • Captain Pete’s Island Eats
  • The Spice Mill
  • Seafire Grill
  • Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen
  • Lakeside Panini Bistro
  • Waterway Grill
  • Mango Joe’s
  • ABC Eats
  • Yummy Yummy Nom Noms Food Truck

The cost for the All-Day Dining Deal (online price) is $39.99 per adult and $19.99 per child ages 3 to 9.  There is a premium option which includes draft beer and wine (once every hour) for $54.99 per person (ages 21 and up).  

** Those prices shown above are for online purchase only and may not be available at the park.

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Special Events at SeaWorld Orlando

Throughout the course of the year SeaWorld Orlando hosts a number of amazing special events, concerts, holiday extravaganzas and more.  

Three Kings Celebration

Held in early January, the Three Kings Celebration honors a tradition of Latin Cultures.  Extended showings of the O Wondrous Night show and the Sea of Trees along with festive cuisine highlight this celebration. 

Seven Seas Food Festival

This annual festival is all about amazing food, craft beer and unique wines.  The Seven Seas Food Festival typically starts in February runs to early May and offers a variety of food and beverage locations either throughout the park or along the Bayside Pathway.

In addition to all the food and beverage offerings, SeaWorld hosts a number of live concerts including original recording artists and tribute bands.  Some of the performances were by Night Ranger, Air Supply, Vanilla Ice, the Village People and Blue Oyster Cult.

Click here to learn more about the Seven Seas Food Festival

Sesame Street Kids’ Weekends

Typically held from May, kids will enjoy all things Sesame Street with dance parties, activities and special meet and greets with the characters.

SeaWorld Inside Look

Typically held in the months of May and November, guests can meet the SeaWorld team members and hear about what it is like to care for the animals. 

Electric Ocean

Electric Ocean is SeaWorld Orlando’s summer spectacular and typically runs on select nights from from May to September.  Electric Ocean is one of the premier events held at SeaWorld Orlando. 

Click here to learn more about Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando

4th of July

Guests will celebrate Independence Day with an amazing fireworks spectacular from the central lagoon.

Craft Beer Festival

Guests ages 21 and over will enjoy sampling more than 100 craft beers from brewers across the state of Florida.  The Craft Beer Festival is typically held during the spring.

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular

Candy, Candy, Candy and more.  Guests can dress up for Halloween and trick-or-treat their way throughout SeaWorld from mid-September to early-November of every year.

SeaWorld’s Howl-O-Scream

This fair new Halloween event is typically held from September to October 31st.  This terrifying experience will include scare zones, roaming haunts and haunted houses to go along with live Halloween themed shows.

Click here to learn more about Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando

Praise Wave

SeaWorld Orlando hosts an amazing concert services of Christian music and fellowship.  Praise Wave is typically held in early November.

New Year’s Eve

Ring in the new year at SeaWorld Orlando with a special fireworks countdown at midnight.

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

The holiday season at SeaWorld Orlando is nothing short of spectacular with the addition of a number of special shows and events as well as a lagoon full of Christmas trees with thousands of lights. SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration typically runs from around Thanksgiving to December 31st.

Click here to learn more about SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration

Other things to do when visiting SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld as a whole has much more than just the SeaWorld Orlando theme park.  It also includes:


Aquatica at SeaWorld Orlando is a waterpark that was “Ranked #1 for the Nation’s Best Outdoor Water Park” by USA Today’s annual 10 Best Readers Choice Awards, 2018.

Originally opened in 2018, Aquatica features an 80,000 square foot man made beach area, two-wave pools, two lazy rivers (one is not so lazy), multiple raft slides and body/mat slides  and two separate kids water themed play areas.  Our favorite is the brand new Riptide Race which is the world’s tallest dueling water race.

Click here for tickets or to learn more about Aquatica

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an smaller, all-inclusive theme park themed in a tropical setting surrounded by abundant marine life. Originally opened in July 2000, Discovery cove is a premium experience that only allows up to 1,300 guests in the park at one time.

Guests can snorkel in the massive Grand Reef among tropical fish, swim in the warm waters of Serenity Bay, ride along with the current in the Wind-Away River  or relax poolside in one of the cabanas while enjoying unlimited gourmet food and non-alcoholic beverages (premium drinks are also offered).  Guests are provided complimentary lockers, fresh towels, snorkeling gear, wetsuits and vests.

Discovery Cove also features a number of premium, once in a lifetime type experiences like swimming with bottlenose dolphins, feeding rays, taking an underwater walk at Discovery Cove’s Grand Reef and getting up close to more than 20 sharks.

Daily rates at Discovery Cove range from $149 to $299 per person depending on the time  of year. The signature Dolphin Swim Package range from $224 to $449 per person also depending on the time of year.  Discounts for Discovery Cove are offered to Florida residents (20% discount) as well as annual passholders (30% discount).

Click here for tickets or to learn more about Discovery Cove

What does is cost to visit SeaWorld Orlando?

As compared to the parks at Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando, SeaWorld is the least expensive There are a number of different packages at SeaWorld Orlando which range from single day tickets to two-day park tickets as well as “Fun Cards” and annual passes.

As of October 2022, the follow costs were shown on SeaWorld Orlando’s web site:

  • Single-Park Ticket:  $99.99
  • Two Park Ticket: $134.99
  • 2022 & 2023 SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Fun Card: $132.99
  • Four Parks* Unlimited Visits & Free Parking (up to 14 days): $229.99

Three and four park tickets include SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island.

SeaWorld Orlando Annual Passes 

There are four different categories of annual passes at SeaWorld which are as follows:

Bronze Annual Pass

The Bronze annual pass offers 12 months of access to SeaWorld Orlando but is the only one with blackout dates. This pass is the least expensive pass at $168.00 per year and offers a 10% discount on in-park offerings.

Silver Annual Pass

The Silver annual pass is a 12-month pass that does not have blackout dates and is at a cost of $219.00.  Benefits include free general parking, a 20% discount on in-park offerings and  2 free guest tickets.

Gold Annual Pass

The Gold annual pass offers all the benefits of the Silver annual pass and also includes free preferred parking, 4 free guests tickets and a 20% discount on in-park offerings. The cost of a Gold Annual Pass is $258.00.

Platinum Annual Pass

The Platinum Annual pass offers all the benefits of the Gold annual pass but allows access to all 11 parks, 6 free guest tickets, up to 50% on in-park offerings (20% food & beverage, 50% merchandise) and 1 free Quick Queue per day.  If you are going to use all that this pass offers, it is a great value at just $438.

As we stated above, SeaWorld is constantly running discounts & specials so click the on the link below to see the latest offers.

Click here to find the latest offers directly from SeaWorld.

Jerry Joyce

Jerry Joyce has been a Florida resident since 1998 and has lived in a variety of places in the South Florida area. Jerry is an avid boater & water sports enthusiast, beach aficionado, a lover of great food, muscle car fan and a theme park annual passholder for many years. Some of his favorite places in Florida include the Florida Keys, Walt Disney World, Cedar Key, the Loxahatchee River, St. Augustine and Ten Thousand islands.

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