Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Theme Park | Photo Gallery

Initially opened in 2017, Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando’s water theme park.  This Polynesian themed water park is inspired by the a tropical island which is home to the legend of the Waturi people who were originally guided by a mystical fish named Kunuko.  According to the story, “The Waturi believe in living life to its fullest and creating stories through adventures”.  

There are more than 15 attractions at Volcano Bay that include drop slides, raft rides, a massive wave pool, lazy river & fast moving river, splash play areas, and a water coaster.  Visitors that want to relax will find plenty of seating along the white sandy beach that faces Krakatau, the 200-foot volcano that is the centerpiece of the park.

To find out the cost of admission and learn more at the rides & attractions at the amazing water theme park, check out our Complete Guide to Universal’s Volcano Bay.

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