About Living in Celebration Florida: A Resident’s Guide to the Planned Community Experience

Celebration, Florida, is a community unlike any other. Stemming from the creative minds at The Walt Disney Company and coming to life in the mid-1990s, this master-planned community is strategically positioned in close proximity to Walt Disney World. With its quaint charm and meticulously designed landscapes, Celebration eschews the typical image of a suburban enclave. It is a town where residents experience a dense suburban feel mixed with the aesthetic allure that one might expect from Disney’s influence.

The infrastructure of Celebration caters to a picturesque small-town harmony with modern amenities. A variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks are scattered throughout the town, fostering social gatherings and a close-knit community vibe. Homes in the area speak to the architectural diversity and attention to detail, with styles ranging from Victorian to Colonial and Mediterranean influences.

Despite its fairy-tale-like ambiance, Celebration is more than just an idyllic setting; it is also a functional town with a population that appreciates its safety, high-quality public schools, and strong sense of community. However, it is important to consider the relatively high cost of living when contemplating a move here. The town’s economic model reflects its exclusivity and design, which can translate to a steeper price point for housing and living expenses compared to other regions in Florida.

About Celebration

This section explores the initial concept behind Celebration, Florida, and how it has transformed since its creation by the Walt Disney Company.

Origins of Celebration

Celebration, Florida, began as an ambitious project by The Walt Disney Company. In the early 1990s, Disney envisioned a community that would exemplify the principles of New Urbanism, an approach to planning that emphasizes walkability, diversity, and design. The town was officially established in 1996 in Osceola County, on land formerly belonging to the expansive Walt Disney World resort.

Evolution of the Town

Since the first families moved in, Celebration has evolved. The town’s real estate market was initially so desirable that a lottery was conducted for the first homes sold. Architecture here draws heavily on historical styles, with designs contributed by renowned architects like Robert A.M. Stern and Jaquelin T. Robertson, intending to capture the essence of early 20th-century American towns. As it stands, Celebration integrates a mix of residential, commercial, and public spaces to create a cohesive community.

Location and Proximity

Celebration lies in Osceola County, adjacent to the bustling city of Orlando. Its strategic location offers residents easy access to major attractions like Walt Disney World and numerous parks, while being nestled alongside the town of Kissimmee. To its east, residents find numerous lakes that add to the scenic beauty of the area.


As of the most recent data, Celebration is home to a population of approximately 12,983, following a steady growth pattern since the 2020 census. The median age is relatively young, indicating a community vibrant with family life and active residents.

The median household income is notably higher than national averages, which reflects the affluent nature of the community, while a low poverty rate indicates widespread economic well-being among the inhabitants. With its continuous growth, Celebration continues to evolve, attracting individuals and families looking for a community harmoniously combining prosperity with the joy of Florida living.

Lifestyle and Culture

Celebration, Florida, embodies a community-centric lifestyle with a robust calendar of social activities and a variety of dining and entertainment options. This accurately reflects the balance of work and play in a town with a picturesque, small-town atmosphere.

Community Events and Social Life

Celebration is known for its strong sense of community, with frequent events and ample social opportunities. Residents can enjoy a range of community events such as festivals, concerts, and seasonal parades that reflect the town’s commitment to fostering a tight-knit community. 

Clubs and organizations thrive here, catering to diverse interests and contributing to the lively social scene. The town’s design encourages interaction among residents, promoting frequent gatherings and celebrations that are central to the local lifestyle.

Dining and Entertainment

The town’s downtown area is a hub of activity, offering a variety of local restaurants and shops. Food enthusiasts can indulge in an array of cuisines, from casual coffee shops to fine dining experiences. For entertainment, the residents have access to a local movie theater as well as occasional live music performances. The nightlife, although not as vibrant as in larger cities, includes a selection of bars and clubs. Notably, the presence of tourists visiting nearby Disney attractions contributes to a dynamic and ever-changing dining and entertainment landscape.

Living in Celebration

Celebration, Florida, is a community that stands out due to its Disney-designed origins, providing a unique living experience that combines modern amenities with a tight-knit community vibe. The area is known for its well-structured housing market, its safe and clean environment, top-notch education options, and various amenities and services that cater to the needs of its residents.

Housing Market

Celebration’s housing market is characterized by a variety of real estate options catering to both buyers and renters. The properties range from cozy apartments to spacious single-family homes. While the cost of living can be considerably higher compared to other regions, the quality of life presented through these housing choices is a significant draw for potential residents. The market maintains a steady demand due, in part, to the area’s safety and aesthetic appeal.

Safe and Clean Environment

Safety is a cornerstone of the Celebration lifestyle, with a low crime rate fostering a sense of security among its inhabitants. The crime rates, including violent crimes such as murder, are significantly lower than national averages, lending to the community’s reputation as a secure place to reside. Additionally, the town is well-kept, with public spaces and streets that are routinely maintained to ensure a clean and appealing environment.

Education and Schools

The education system in Celebration is robust, featuring several highly-rated public schools. The community invests in the educational infrastructure, ensuring access to quality education for children within the neighborhood. These public schools are equipped with competent educators and resources that contribute to an enriching learning experience, aligning with the residents’ value placed on academic excellence.

Amenities and Services

Celebration is equipped with a diverse range of amenities and services that enhance its residents’ quality of life. The town hosts numerous shops, cozy coffee shops, and delightful restaurants, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Additionally, access to medical facilities such as hospitals is readily available, ensuring residents have essential services within reach. The presence of parks and recreational spaces contributes to an active and engaging lifestyle, supporting the well-being of the community.

Economic Aspects

The economic landscape of Celebration, Florida, encompasses a unique blend of employment opportunities and a distinctive cost of living. The local economy offers various job prospects, while the real estate market reflects a higher-than-average expense that residents must account for.

Employment Opportunities

Celebration boasts a diverse range of employment opportunities, many of which stem from its proximity to the Walt Disney World Resort and associated businesses. The local businesses benefit from tourism and the global community, contributing to job creation within the community. Employment rates often reflect the robust tourist industry, as well as professional services supporting the residential community.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Celebration is notably higher than both the state and national averages. Notably, real estate prices are a driving factor in the overall cost of living, with typical home costs substantially exceeding the national average.

  • Real Estate: A typical home in Celebration is priced around $500,000, a steep increase compared to the national and state figures. This makes housing a significant factor when considering the cost of living.
  • Rent: Renting a two-bedroom unit averages around $2,500 per month, surpassing both the national and Florida state averages.
  • Income: While housing costs are expensive, Celebration residents typically enjoy higher income levels, with the median household income at $92,110.

The cost of goods, services, and amenities in Celebration also tend to reflect the community’s affluent nature, making it an expensive but potentially rewarding locale for residents who can manage the costs.

Transportation and Accessibility

Transportation and accessibility in Celebration, Florida, are key components of the town’s infrastructure, affecting how residents and visitors navigate within the area and connect to neighboring cities.

Commuting Within and Outside Celebration

In Celebration, Florida, the commute within the town is enhanced by an array of well-maintained sidewalks and tree-lined streets, contributing to the walkability of the neighborhood. For those seeking to travel outside of the town, its proximity to Orlando and Kissimmee is a significant advantage, with major roads and highways facilitating easy commutes. Residents often find that the proximity to these larger cities allows for diverse commuting options, including:

  • Driving: Easy access to major highways.
  • Public Transportation: Limited options, with only 2.2% of the community using public transit.

The blend of charming local infrastructure and the town’s strategic location offers residents an agreeable balance between small-town serenity and big-city connectivity.

Public Perception and Reviews

Residents and visitors often describe Celebration, Florida, as a beautiful living community with small-town charm. Reviews commonly highlight the town’s aesthetic appeal and its proximity to Disney World attractions, which adds to the allure for some individuals. The community is noted for its cleanliness and array of cute restaurants and stores, offering a pleasant lifestyle to its inhabitants.

Safety is a recurring theme, with many citing Celebration as a safe place to reside. The low crime rate reinforces the community’s commitment to security, making it a popular choice for families and retirees. The sense of neighborhood safety is a point of pride, contributing to the overall positive view of the town.

Despite the idyllic descriptions, some reviews do note a higher cost of living, with property prices being expensive in comparison to other areas. This aspect of Celebration’s lifestyle is crucial for potential residents to consider.

In terms of community interactions, opinions vary. Some find the community is welcoming and residents friendly, while others mention encounters with less amiable individuals.

Table of Key Points from Reviews:

Category Sentiment
Aesthetics Positive (Pretty, well-maintained)
Safety Positive (Low crime rate)
Community Mixed (Friendly to exclusive)
Lifestyle Positive with caveats (Expensive)

These insights help to form a comprehensive understanding of public perception and aid those considering Celebration as a place to call home.

Comparison to Neighboring Areas

When considering Celebration, Florida, its relationship with nearby locations is essential, especially in terms of housing, community atmosphere, and amenities.

Celebration vs. Kissimmee

Kissimmee is known for its affordable housing options, with a more diverse array of homes available. It offers a lively atmosphere with a mix of residential and commercial areas. However, Celebration boasts a unique small-town charm with a higher emphasis on community events and a strong neighborhood feel. The crime rate in Celebration tends to be lower than in Kissimmee, reinforcing its family-friendly reputation.

  • Housing: More varied in Kissimmee; Celebration is predominantly single-family homes.
  • Community Events: Celebration is well-known for its regular community gatherings.

Celebration vs. Orlando

Orlando, a bustling metropolitan area, is significantly larger than the tight-knit community of Celebration. It offers a wide range of shopping and dining options, along with numerous parks and lakes. Celebration’s smaller size provides a sense of community that is hard to find in the big city. However, Orlando’s extensive amenities and opportunities for professional growth can be more appealing to some.

  • Shopping and Dining: Orlando exceeds with variety; Celebration focuses on boutique-style offerings.
  • Parks and Lakes: Orlando has more options, but Celebration features well-maintained parks suitable for family activities.

Comparison with Winter Park and Maitland

Winter Park and Maitland, both north of Orlando, are like Celebration in offering a suburban feel with strong community ties. Winter Park is noted for its upscale housing and refined shopping experiences, while Maitland provides a balance of business and leisure with a variety of parks. Celebration competes with both neighborhoods by offering a planned community designed with a focus on neighborly relations and seasonal events.

  • Housing: Winter Park is generally more upscale; Maitland and Celebration offer more suburban options.
  • Community Events: Celebration is on par with its neighbors in providing regular, well-organized events.

Each area presents its unique blend of amenities, housing, and community feel, making Celebration an appealing choice for those prioritizing a strong neighborhood bond combined with the charm of a small town.

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