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The Breakers Palm Beach | Photo & Video Gallery – Endless Summer Florida

The Breakers Palm Beach | Photo & Video Gallery

The Breakers Palm Beach is one of the most popular luxury hotels throughout the United States.  Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida along South County Road, this stunning luxury resort sits on 140 acres and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Breakers Palm Beach is a AAA five-diamond rated resort and has maintained that rating since 1996.

If you thinking about staying at The Breakers Palm Beach or any of the amazing hotels in the South Florida area, we would appreciate if you can use our links when making the reservations. Endless Summer is an affiliate with MarriottHilton & Expedia.com, receiving a small commission for each stay that was referred by our website.  all commission for each stay that was referred by our website.  

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